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2018-2019 Staff

Adam V.


Hi, my name is Adam Vasquez. I am a fun-loving person who loves nature. I will be hosting the garden section. (7th grade)

Nadia C.

Creative Space Writer and Photographer

I am Nadia C. and I write in the Creative Space header. We make treats and crafts and tell you guys how to make them.  A few things about me is that I love to bake, craft, go to Disneyland, pin trade, hang with friends, film...

Angie A.


Hello, my name is Angie and I am in the Journalism elective. My job is being a photographer for different stories. I love CRA and I am enjoying my second year at this school! (8th grade)

Lucy C.


Hi there, I am Lucy and I am currently working with Lilly Amaya for the student newspaper art contest. I'm in seventh grade and my hobbies are drawing, watching anime, and reading. I would love to see your artwork on our newspaper....

Lilliana A.


Hi, my name is Lilly. My job in the student newspaper is working with Lucy C. for the art contest. I'm in seventh grade and enjoy drawing. I hope to see all of your art posted on the student newspaper!

Gwen M.

Elementary Interviewer and Writer

My name is Gwen McCraw and I am an interviewer and writer for the elementary interview group! My family is very busy and we do a lot of sports. I do horseback riding and my dad coaches my sister's soccer team. My horse's name...

Lucy P.

Elementary Interviewer/Filmer

Hi, my name is Lucy Pestritto and I am an interviewer and filmer for the elementary interview group! I am a very adventurous person, loves the outdoors, playing basketball, and hanging out with my friends and family. I have two...

Rihanna O.

Filmer and Interviewer

Hi, my name is Rihanna Olayo. I am a filmer and interviewer. I have two siblings named Ariella and Henry. I love to go outdoors, and I go to the beach a lot. I also have a puppy named Ollie and he is very active. My sister goes...

Shannon N.

Filmer and Writer

Hi, my name is Shannon and I am a filmer and writer for the Elementary interview team! I am very adventurous and love to go to the beach. Some of my hobbies are soccer, art, and going on hikes with friends and family. I have two...

Griffin K.

Newspaper Technician/Video Editor

Hi, I'm Griffin, I put together some of the videos on the newspaper and I also help if there is a problem with the website. I like to travel, go skiing, and make small films.

Layla K.

Photographer and Publisher

Hi, my name is Layla Kachani and my job is to post school events and take photos for both elementary and middle school. Some things about me are that I did gymnastics for six years, cheer for three years (which I loved), I've...

Mia M.

Photographer and Videographer

Hi, my name is Mia McDermott and I am going to be taking photos and videos of school events. Some of my favorite things to do are go to the beach and cook. I love to cook different types of food, but I prefer to bake.

Helena K.

Photographer and Writer

Hi, my name is Helena and I am an eighth-grade student. I take pictures and write articles for the CRA newspaper. I like to figure skate, dance, and read in my spare time.

Sofi O.

Photographer/Elementary Interviewer

Hi, my name is Sofi Ong and my role in the journalism elective is a writer/interviewer. I am in 7th grade. I enjoy horseback riding, volleyball, photography, acting, and going to the beach. I also like academics such as math.

Kayla B.


Hello! My name is Kayla, and I am an 8th grader here at CRA. I am also  student council's president, and I am very involved in school activities. I love writing horror stories and poetry. I also play piano outside of school,...

Nathan A.


My name is Nathan Alexander. I am an artist and I love airplanes. I am an 8th grader.

Ella D.


HI, I'm Ella D. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is animals (other then family.) I am a show jumper I have been riding for 6 years. Also have 2 dogs one is a puppy! Also 2 cats and a guinea pig (if you do count fish...

Izzie M


Hi I'm Izzie! I really like to read I am a show jumper and have been riding for about 3 years. I have a Blue German Shepherd named Xirah and a a mutt named Rocky, I love training them and taking photography, I also have a guinea...

Claire F.


hee hee

Ethan D.



Kate I.


Hi I am Kate. I help work on the page baking with Kate and Ella. I love to bake with my mom and friends. I have a brother in 8th grade and a sister in 2nd grade. I play basket ball, water polo, and I swim. I love the going to...

Gauge W.


My name is Gauge W. and I love to explore and be in nature. I will be writing my articles on the creative space page.

Kayla B.


Hi! My name is Kayla Bright, and I am the Student Council President! I am in 8th grade and I've been at CRA for 6 years. I love to play piano, play video games (COD BO4), and I love stand up paddle boarding . I also love to write...

Ava S.


Hi my name is Ava, I am in 6th grade and have been here since 3rd grade. I have 5 siblings and I am the second to youngest in my family. I enjoy playing soccer, watching YouTube, and reading. I have a toy Yorkie named Stella and...

Taite B.


Hello my name is Taite, I am an 8th grader at CRA and I am going to San Juan Hills next year. I like to go to the beach, hang out with my friends, and I LOVE Taylor Swift :)

Nicholas R.


Hi my name is Nick, I am 13 years old and this is my first year in the journalism elective. I’m currently in 7th grade and planning to go to San Clemente High School. My position in the elective is a writer, interviewer and fi...

Drew P.


My name is Drew and there are many things I enjoy. My favorite thing to do is ride my skateboard. I also love music. My favorite types of music are Cali-reggae or ska punk. In the elective, I am a writer and interviewer. I hav...

Aberliene M.


Hi! My name is Aberleine Merkh! I am an 8th grader here at Community Roots Academy and have been at this school since 2nd grade. I have a twin sister and a younger sister in 5th grade. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and fami...

Chloe Y.


My name is Chloe and I am the editor for the student newspaper. I double check all of the stories that the different groups write before publishing. My favorite things to do are dancing, reading, watching Netflix and YouTube,...

Lily Powley


I'm working with Kennedy on interviewing, and our current project is learning more about CCC and recess games in elementary school. (7th grade)

Kennedy F.

CCC Interviewer

My name is Kennedy and I am in 7th grade this year! I work with Lillian to create a CCC Staff page where parents can go to see what games their kids are playing, or what after-care/before-care schedules look like. I literally...

Ethan S.

Writer and Photographer

Hello! My name is Ethan S, I love being in the CRA news team! My hobbies are photography and video games. I am a 6th grader in Mrs Voccola's class. I love dogs, in fact I have one! His name is Rusty. He is a rat terrier but he...

Canyon G.


My name is Canyon, I am 13 years old, and my hobbies include golf and skateboarding. I have a 3-year-old brother named Brody, and I have a dog named Trooper. I enjoy academics and my favorite classes are History and English. I like...

Lexi M.

Writer and Photographer

Hello, I am in 8th grade at community roots academy. I am in the journalism elective and my job in it is to be a writer and photographer. Some things about me are that I like aerial arts and love snow.

Bridget B.

Writer, Creative Space

I’m Bridget and I’m part of CRA Times. In the newspaper I work with Nadia, and together we work on our column, “Creative Space” and also make additional posts on other columns. In Creative Space we bake and craft fun sea...

Greta M.

Writer, Photographer

Hello, my name is Greta. I'm a student here at CRA who loves writing, drawing, and photography. I try my best at what I do and I'm happy that my contributions to the newspaper are acknowledged.

Emma R.

Photographer, Videographer, Editor

My name is Emma Rhoades and I'm an eighth grade student at CRA. Some of the things I enjoy are swimming and water polo. My favorite subject is English and I love music!

Madison M.

Photographer, Videographer, Editor

My name is Madison Moore and I'm an eighth-grade student at CRA. I have been attending CRA from the very beginning and now I am Co-Vice President with Bekah L. Some of my favorite things to do are volleyball, swimming, and playing...