• January 16Ready for summer! We are!


Two common visitors in our garden!

What’s Going on in The Garden

We’ve been taking many pictures of our wonderful garden built by our amazing students and parent volunteers. The students and parent work very hard to make the garden as amazing as it is today. 

Lately, there has been an abundance of plant growth in the school garden and in turn it is causing the garden to thrive. Bugs are swarming in, causing the birth of an ecosystem. Lizards are everywhere and beetles and bees race around the hummingbirds in the new ecosystem of CRA

Once upon a time there was a lonely mushroom named George. He was the only mushroom in the garden. Every day George would look around, hoping to find a friend, but everyday he sat alone. Until one day when a beautiful butterfly flew down and landed right next to him. Her wings were orange with such beautiful patterns. George instantly fell in love with her. Her name was Penelope. Over time they became best friends and spent every day together. Nothing could break their bond, not even the rain. They grew old together and lived a happy life. The end
-Emma Rhoades and Madison Moore.