Second Grade Farm to Table Project


Elise VogtLowell

On Wednesday, I interviewed Leyla, Lucas and Natalie about their upcomming PBL project.  They told me their project topic was called Farm to Table, and explained that their job as second graders was to spred the word of local farms and produce, and how non-local produce can be bad and less fresh. Lucas told me about how each of them were assigned a produce to write about and how they’re using personification to make their stories more interesting. Leyla, a second grade student in Ms. Salamat’s class, stated that her writing was about  “a honey comb who is mistreated for its color, (which is an ugly brown). All of them told me about they’re driving question, “ How can we as consumers help support our local farms and farmers?” The second graders have been using google slides and working with tye news show team to create a segment about they’re project! These kids are willing to do anything to get the word out about local farms.