The New Kindergarteners in Mrs. Dolensky’s CRA Class


Amanda Dadson



Mrs. Dolensky is a teacher at Community Roots Academy, she is teaching Kindergarten, and on Monday, October 17, I met two of the students she is teaching. Stevie and Jordan both enjoy being in Mrs. Dolensky’s class, they both agree that she is an awesome teacher and are excited for more fun with her in the future.

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Stevie and Jordan have been working hard for their first year at CRA. In Math class, they have been working on adding, subtracting, and counting. In Kindergarten the students have been using new tablets to help them with their Math and English Language Arts. Stevie has been working on Iready to help with Math and Jordan has been using Capit to help with English Language Arts. When I asked what Capit was, Jordan said, “There are three levels and I am on the second level…” “It helps you with learning about letters and the alphabet…” These students are very excited to work with these new devices and technology.


Stevie has been enjoying the read-alouds the class does with the teacher. The books they have read so far in class have been, Last stop on Market Street, Look out Kindergarten here I come, and On the first day of Kindergarten. Stevie also appreciates having a fun space to play around in during recess. Jordan and Stevie both agree that recess is one of their favorite times of the school day. One of Jordan’s other favorite times of the day is art! He enjoys coloring and drawing. He explained that he has done a hot air balloon art project and a “favorite thing to do” art project, which is where they create a picture of one of their favorite activities.


The students in Mrs. Dolensky’s Kindergarten class have been having a wonderful year, they are thrilled to continue going to Community Roots Academy and to continue having a great time.