Sea of Thieves Is Based

Sea of Thieves Is Based

Alex Leon Mcnally, Pirate

Sea of Thieves is an incredible game with infinite possibilities that personally has stolen hundreds of hours of my life. It will never get old like other games and is even more fun when you play with friends. The game has what seems like an infinite amount of content, and the game takes place in a shared world where you play with a bunch of other real-life people sailing the seas with their crew. You can play solo on a smaller ship or with up to 4 people on a huge ship. I say with sincerity that I have never enjoyed a game like Sea of Thieves. It has spawned tons of inside jokes between my friends and is simply a perfect game.

I interviewed cole Blakeley whom I play with on a daily basis what he has to say about the game. Cole is in fact a pirate legend, which means he has earned reputation level 50 in three trading companies. This is what he had to say.



Thank you for your time, Cole Blakeley.