The Fun of Rhythm, Flow, and Flexibility


  • Rhythm and flow is an elective where students learn how to be flexible and move flexibly
  • As a class, Anya, a rhythm and flow student says “I guess, part of it is fun and part of it is very challenging.”
  • If Anya had the chance, she says she would probably not do rhythm and flow again.


  Written by Gabriel Lilley and edited by Finley Cook.


Rhythm and Flow (could otherwise be known as yoga), is an elective in which students will learn how to be flexible. This means learning basic movements, exercises and other things to improve flexibility. In this elective, they also learn how to dance. The benefits you can get from this elective will be flexibility, the ability to recognize rhythm and flow, hence the name, and being a potentially good dancer. Anya, a sixth grader in this elective who is also my little sister, has said in an interview, “I guess, part of it is fun and part of it is very challenging.” She has also stated that if she had a chance, she would probably not take Rhythm and Flow again because of its difficult challenges.

Overall, it sounds like a pretty fun experience, and even though it’s hard, if you put in the work into doing the elective and understanding it, it could end up more fun than challenging!