Kids Are Growing In Knowledge in Garden Class!


Sofia Rasuli and Ariella Olayo

Today 10/3/2022 Ariella Olayo and I Sofia Rasuli visited the Garden, and viewed the Elementary School thriving, and learning in an amazing environment with an amazing teacher. We interviewed Ms. McGraw about her upcoming goals for her students! She hopes that students will learn to reuse seeds from vegetables and save them for new plants to reproduce. Students have pulled out most of the plants in the garden, and hope to prep early for spring. Right now soil is going in, and since the weather has gotten cooler the Green Shed is back in business, with plants growing and keeping cool as the temperatures change. The iconic 60 year old roses in the garden will be coming out, and will be replaced soon with all California Native plant species. We asked Ms. McGraw about what “she enjoys about her job” and she stated that it is teaching kids to “learn to love the environment”, she aims that in the future, they learn to take care of our environment and help our planet. CRA is blooming, and so is our garden!