The World is Spinning In The World Geography Elective!


Payton Wood and Sofia Rasuli

       Did you know that CRA has a world geography elective? This is a unique class because they are using the 2022 World Cup as a base for world geography exploration. According to the class syllabus, the world geography elective is an opportunity for students to have an understanding of the characteristics about the world’s major cultures and learn about countries’ flags. This is a super fun elective that is taught by Mrs. Voccola, the sixth grade English teacher.“ We are in different groups and learn about different countries and continents,” stated Alex Tortamasi, a sixth grader in the geography elective. “We learn where countries are on the map and identify the flag that goes with it.” Alex said the class then discusses which countries are in the World Cup from the continent they are studying. Alex also says that the class plays guessing games on the computer to get to know the countries within one continent and does readings that tell them more about the continent and cultures.In the elective they learn about where the teams that are in the World Cup are located and somewhat about their cultures. This year The World Cup is going to be located in Qatar(a country in Asia) with 32 different countries being represented including the USA! The first game will see hosts Qatar play Ecuador on November 20th and the next day (November 21) the USA plays Wales. This is a great elective to join if you are someone who loves to learn about the world! Middle schoolers, if you want this elective make sure to pick it as one of your top 4 choices when you vote for the semester two electives.