What are Ms. Richtman’s Plans for the New School Year?

What are Ms. Richtman’s Plans for the New School Year?

Amanda Dadson and Ellsie Bury

Ms. Richtman, the first grade teacher, is having a great time teaching her new class! I interviewed her on Monday September 26, and she told me all about what she is and will be teaching. 


She started off by explaining what their first project will be. She told me the first graders were working on their “If we build a school” project. Ms. Richtman said that the first graders would be creating their dream school, comparing different schools, and figuring out how to make schools better for everyone. When I asked what her favorite subject was, Ms. Richtman said, “My favorite subject would have to be the project.” Ms. Richtman and the first graders are excited to continue their project and to create their dream school. 


In English Language Arts, Ms. Richtman is teaching her class about skills, and they are learning about which letters make which sounds. The first graders are also excited to start working on their vocab tests in January. In Science class, Ms. Richtman is going to start teaching her students about the moon. Soon her students are going to be learning about all the different phases of the moon. In Ms. Richtman’s math class, the first graders are working on word problems and adding and subtracting within the 10’s. 


Ms. Richtman is a great teacher and is super excited to continue her teaching journey here at Community Roots Academy.