The Angels’ Crazy Losing Streak!

Colette Conk

   The Los Angeles Angels are a baseball team loved by many but have you heard of the shocking losing streak that is making fans think twice? The Angels lost 14 times in a row giving them the team record for the most lost games in MLB history. Because of this losing streak they fired their coach Joe Madden. After they fired Madden, they still managed to lose 2 more consecutive games. Something shocking is that the angels have the second highest paid baseball player in the world, Mike Trout! The Angels also have one of the best batters, Shohei Ohtani. So why are they losing? No one really knows, but according to Parick Sandoval says, “We had a rough stretch where some things just didn’t go our way — we were in games and then somehow found a way to lose, whether it was a one-run game or just like one bad inning, implosion, whatever.” Maybe, it wasn’t meant to be! True fans never lose hope, better luck next year angels!