Allstar Cheerleading as a Sport

Gabriel Lilly, Writer

Allstar cheerleading is (in my opinion and hopefully yours by the time you reach the end of this article) a great sport that takes some skill and hard work to do, like other sports, but in return, it helps you learn a lot of skills. Mr. Bretz has said it’s basically flipping, throwing people and catching them, and tumbling competitively.

  People like him who have done the sport before and have experience in it have found it very fun, with some downsides. A friend of Mr Bretz’s who has had 10 years of experience, has also gotten 7 concussions and most likely numerous other injuries. Sounds dangerous, right? It’s not as bad as you think, though, given what’s just been told. According to Mr. Bretz, it’s just like any other sport. There are certain levels of it, like other sports. Take soccer, for example. People wouldn’t usually think playing in a little league game is the same thing as a national championship for soccer. There are differences in skill between the players. Little league soccer players would be at level 1 out of 5, and the national championship players would be at level 5 out of 5. As you get older, it gets harder. The same thing goes for allstar cheerleading. 


The benefits of doing allstar cheerleading are building physical, mental, and emotional skills. It helps you build confidence and is a great workout as well. These benefits help you a lot in the sport and even more in life. Mr. Bretz absolutely recommends allstar cheerleading to other people, and maybe you should try it today!

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