1st Grade Favorites


On the 29 of August, the journalism team interviewed Three different 1st grade students and asked them questions about what they are feeling about their first year of elementary school. It started with a simple question that everyone asks. “What is your favorite subject.” First, they did the obvious answer of lunch. Then when I told them what their favorite “learning subject” they like, they said skills. At first, my editor and I were confused about what my skills were. According to them, skills is a whole class about practicing how to write words and sentences. I would have loved to have that when I was in the 1st grade. It would have been helpful too. I still suck at spelling and grammar! After they told us that, I was confused about why they would like that. They never specifically told us why, but they did say that they liked writing so I guess we have future writers. Next, we asked them if they felt happy and safe at the school. Their immediate reply was, “Yes because it is fun and the teacher is nice.”  We were glad that they felt happy. That’s what school is all about. Learning in a way that makes us happy. They also addressed that they love the garden. With all the beautiful plants, who wouldn’t? They said that they “especially like strawberries.”  And for the last question, we asked them what they think about their teacher. They said they like her because she is nice and she gives them nice things.

They never elaborated on that question. But I think I understand. Their teacher is helping them feel more comfortable in first grade, so she is giving them treats and gifts to help them. As a seventh grader, I know how hard school will get. But I hope all elementary kids, especially 1st graders good luck, try your best and stay happy.