Hard Work in the Garden!

Hard Work in the Garden!

Amanda Dadson and Finely Cook

The CRA students have been having fun and working hard in the Garden. I interviewed Mrs. Rodas, one of the Garden teachers, to learn about some of the things happening in the Garden. She told me about all of the plants she hopes to grow, her goals for the Garden, the Garden/Green Champs middle school elective, and special projects for the Garden.

Starting with the Garden/Green Champs elective she said, “Green Champs is a program that is run by Ms. Shea. We have some subdivision of green champ programs that 4th and 5th grade do during the garden times. The 5th grade takes care of the compost and the 4th grade takes care of the vermicomposters. The Green Champs Elective is another extension of the Green Champs programs. The elective class will focus on Environmental Activism on school campus. It will cover those particular themes and encourage our students to take action on campus as Green Champ leaders (separate from Leadership class).” This Garden/Green Champs middle school elective is a fun elective and if it sounds interesting to you, try it out

The next thing Mrs. Rodas discussed was the special projects she hopes to work on. She explained that she was excited for the 5th grade Compost Champs. She said that they were collecting used coffee grounds and Garden Waste! Last year the total amount of renewable waste was 400 lbs, this year she wants to double that amount! 

Mrs. Rodas also explained about some of the things she hopes to grow in the Garden. She told me, “Some plants that I am excited about are all the flowers that will be growing along the Monarch Waystation. In my opinion, seeing flowers that can be food for butterflies is my favorite thing to see.”

One last thing Mrs. Rodas shared were her goals for the Garden. She wanted to have the kids spend more time outside to experience the weather changes during the times of the day and throughout the different seasons.

Overall, Mrs. Rodas and the Garden team are excited to have the kids spend more time in the Garden, build their knowledge, and expand the Garden.