How are 5th graders liking Ms. Cho’s Class?

How are 5th graders liking Ms. Chos Class?

Keira Baloun and Nixon

Some of the fifth graders in Ms. Cho’s class told me that she was nice and a great teacher. They also told me that Ms. Cho, the 5th-grade teacher,  was very rewarding and she goes slow and lets you take your time doing your work. An example of her being rewarding is when her kid is good she gives them a party. That sounds sound like a lot of fun! Some students student even said that, “Ms. Cho is the best teacher that they’ve had.” We also asked the student what they were most excited about going into 5th grade. Most of them said that they were most excited about Catalina.  The Catalina is a trip the students go on to learn further about what ecosystems are and how they work. They also said that they were excited to be in 5th grade and just the new year itself. The students were given a choice between Choir and Orchestra, let’s see which one they picked.