Mr. Szeto’s Music Class!

Mr. Szetos Music Class!

Elise VogtLowell and Ariella Olayo

On Tuesday, I interviewed Olivia VogtLowell and her classmate, Lilly Brown, about how second grade was going. Olivia VogtLowell told me about how Mr. Szeto is into music and teaches his student’s different songs, and the sign language to match. The Second Graders sing songs like “You Are My Sunshine” and “Million Dreams,” while Mr. 

Szeto plays the guitar. Lilly says, and I quote, “Mr. Szeto is the best teacher ever! I’m so happy that I have him as my teacher this year. He’s so much fun!” Later, I interviewed Vera Shivley, a former second grader, who was also in Mr. Szeto’s class. She told me about how Mr. Szeto taught her guitar and ukulele. She told me that “it was very exciting.” and that she “couldn’t wait to learn songs like Riptide and A Million Dreams!” Once again, Mr. Szeto has proven himself to be not only “

an awesome teacher,” as Olivia VogtLowell quoted, but also an amazing music teacher!