A View Into a First Graders Mind.


Finley Stipher, Writer

On just the 3rd day of school Miss Davidion’s class has lots of action! I interviewed two awesome first grade students, named Abel Condon and Ivy Davis, were very excited to get interviewed! Abel played wall ball on the sixth grade wall ball courts for the very first time, he said “it was so so fun”. One of Abel’s favorite things to play at recess is gaga ball, but today he said “it was so boring because the teacher took the ball away”. Ivy also had a very interesting day! Ivy and her friends played a game they invented at recess where they pretend to be cats on the playground.

Ivy and her friends also pretend that they had phones and they were calling each other, she said “it was super fun”. Ivy’s favorite part of the day was the library. Who’s day do you think is more interesting?

Abel is on the left

Ivy is on the right