An Exciting Start For Ms. Daniels Third Grade Class


Back School Back To School Board New School Year

Layla Beck

The first couple weeks of a new school year are always exciting and a little nerve

wracking. This was no exception for Mrs. Daniels’ third grade class.

All said, the students in Mrs. Daniels’ class have started off to a great new year. The fresh third graders are enjoying Science, Art, Math, Music, PE, as well as, reuniting with old friends and making new ones. They are very excited for the 2022-2023 school year and couldn’t wait to meet Mrs. Daniels on last week’s first day back to CRA. 


Third grader Alia, says that, “this year is already better than last year.” Cooper, another student in Mrs. Daniels’ class is in a bit of a hurry, he stated that he is already thinking ahead about what fifth grade will be like. 

It’s really looking like these third grade students are off to a promising school year. They are certainly lucky to have a wonderful teacher like Mrs. Daniels.