Entertainment over summer break!

Entertainment over summer break!

Amanda Dadson

Summer Break is coming up and many students are doing fun things for entertainment over the summer, but other students might not have much to entertain themselves so here are some of the best ideas to do for entertainment over the summer break! 


  1. Movies! Who doesn’t love movies? Since during the summer it is extremely hot, sometimes you just want to stay inside and relax and a great way to relax is to watch a movie. There are so many different movie genres, horror, action, drama, comedy, science fiction, and more. Find the genre you love, find a movie that suits you, and watch! Here are some great movies coming out:…


  1. Hiking! If you like nature try hiking over the break. Find a cool day to go (since it is summertime and the temperature is hot), then find a fun trail to go on. Some great trails around the area include Top of the World (3.8 miles), Aliso Summit Trail (1.4 miles), and Dripping Cave (1.5 miles). Hiking is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 


  1. Trip to the beach! Going on a trip to the beach is a great way to cool off or play in the sand. Try out surfing, swimming in the water, playing in the waves, and playing in the sand. You can even enjoy the sunshine and relax by reading your favorite book. 


  1. Crocheting and knitting! Picking up new skills is so fun, crocheting and knitting are very fun skills to learn. They might be hard to learn at first but once you learn them you can make so many different and cool items. During your summer vacation, you will have a lot of time to learn how to crochet or knit plus more time to create something. 


Hopefully you have some fun plans for entertainment!