CRA’s opinion on Harry Styles’ new song

CRA’s opinion on Harry Styles new song

Anna s. & Avery R.

Harry styles has recently released a single called ‘As It Was’ on April 1 2022. The song is rated No. 1 worldwide currently. It is also trending on a social media platform called Tiktok. Harry Styles is a very popular artist that has released many popular and catchy songs such as ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Kiwi’.  I interviewed CRA students about his song and got very honest reviews. Some haven’t heard of the song and others loved it. Some 7th and 6th grade students, Nina, Aeverie, and November, said they liked the song a lot just because it was Harry Styles. Conner, a 6th grade student says “it’s catchy…his voice is too high pitched and it’s kinda annoying”. Many 8th grade boys disliked or haven’t heard of his songs. However many 7th grade girls have liked ‘As It Was’. There are very mixed reviews about Styles’ new song. What do you think about it?