The 4th Graders Struck Gold With Their New Project

Olivia Osuch

I got the chance to interview the 4th graders about their awesome gold rush project. In this project they have to research people who were a part of the goldrush and pretend to be them in their presentations. It’s supposed to seem like a wax museum. Additionally, they have to make artifacts that go with what they are doing. Jedd, a 4th grade student, is working on mining towns. For his project he is thinking about making a Pickaxe. Another one of his classmates, Lucas Beck, is researching about Domingo Ghirardelli. So far he is enjoying this project. Another student, Zoey, is researching Dame Shirley. She is doing her project with London. They are doing it on roots to California and they both like this project. Everyone I got the honor of interviewing is happy about getting to do this project.