Middle School Student Perspectives on their PBL Projects


Sophia Moore and Anna Scott

Middle schoolers are very excited to submit their rough drafts of their Short films. They created films with the driving question “How can you create positive change and growth in our community.”  I interviewed Izabella Morgan who created “The benefits of reading” her film is focused on “how reading can improve your grades in school and more”. She found a unique way to demonstrate “how reading can improve your life in an entertaining way.” Next I asked Olivia Osuch and Katie Thurston, the middle school filmmakers about their film about how a teacher helps her students overcome their addiction to social media can help kids watching, they said “They will be more motivated to spend less time on social media.” I’m looking forward to seeing their final projects. The best short film produced by our students will be entered in a short film contest, good luck to all middle schoolers!