Problematic Pollution

Chloe Beimfohr

In today’s day and age we have many environmental crises, one of them being pollution. There are different types of pollution including air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. By reading this article you will be able to learn how together as a team we can stop all pollution as a whole.


Air Pollution


The first category I am going to focus on is air pollution. Air pollution is caused by gasses that lurk around in our air. These gases can come from factories, cars, buses and anything else that produces harmful liquid and solid particles. A way we can reduce the amount of air pollution we have is by taking public transportation or carpooling with a friend. By doing this we are using less cars which leads up to less overall pollution.


Water Pollution


The next topic I’m going to be covering is water pollution. Water pollution is caused by harmful chemicals being drained/dumped into lakes, rivers and oceans. This is extremely dangerous for the creatures living in these waters. The chemicals come from factories so to help prevent this we need to figure out a proper way to dispose of chemicals. Can you think of a way?


Land Pollution


The last type of pollution is land pollution. Land pollution is caused from littering. This can be really easy to fix if we all work together. Beach cleanups are an easy fix to this situation. Every piece of trash that is not put where it belongs makes its way to the ocean causing more water pollution which is harmful towards animals. Make sure to do your part and clean up after yourself. Besides, you never know, you may be saving a life.