Second Graders’ Favorite Stories


Jacob Verhoef and Elliot Danger

Jacob Verhoef & Elliott Danger – November 3rd 2021

On Monday October 18th, Elliot Danger and I interviewed 2nd grade teacher Ms. Kim’s class, on what they’ve been learning, and what’s their favorite thing they’ve learned.  We interviewed Courtney, Roshni, and Declan. Courtney talks about how she’s been learning about Greek gods, and reading bedtime stories. Courtney’s favorite bedtime story is The Hare and Hedgehog. This is a story about Hare insulting Hedgehog and his wife one Sunday morning, then he and his wife conspire to trick hare and challenge him to a race. The moral of the story is that a man should marry someone of his own kind, from his own class. The Hare and the Hedgehog was written by the Brothers Grimm, and published in 1843. Roshni talked about how she was learning about Greek gods and goddesses, Athens, the Heavens, Pandora’s box, and Zeus, the leader of gods. Roshni’s favorite thing she learned about was Pandora’s box. Pandora’s box is a Greek artifact that’s connected with the Greek myth of Pandora’s in Hesiod’s Work and Days. He said that curiosity led her to a box left in care of her husband, and when she opened it, it released emotional and physical curses upon mankind.