Amanda Dadson

Amanda Dadson – October 27 2021

There are many things happening in the school garden. We are growing spinach, swiss chard, radish, butter lettuce, beets, carrots, bok choy, sweet peas, alyssum, calendula, nasturtium, and lobelia. The middle school students are growing sweet peas, radish, broccolini, potatoes, kale, broccoli, and various herbs in the greenhouse. Ms. McGraw has many goals for the garden. She says,

“My goal for the garden is to create a space for all students to connect with the natural world, feel at peace and grow as scholars. For middle school students, my goal is to expand the upper garden area and transform it to be a special place for middle schoolers to grow food.” 

The garden teachers are having the students plant crops and grow seedlings in the greenhouse. Students are nature journaling, composting, and starting their new vermiculture project. All these things in the garden are for the students to enjoy themselves. They are learning more about nature, going outside, and breathing fresh air.