Minecraft Grew Tremendously during the Pandemic!

Aaron Ohana

Aaron Ohana – October 12 2021

sources: Gamerant.com, cnn.com

Amazing! Minecraft skyrocketed during pandemic. Minecraft has gotten very popular during the pandemic while minecraft was able to post and keep minecraft alive! Just like their recently added game from 2020 minecraft dungeons getting more gamers to come closer to playing minecraft and their newly added game. According to the article “Minecraft Players Skyrocketed At The Start of the Pandemic”, “Minecraft saw an increase of nearly 90% in multiplayer sessions, and the community has since grown to nearly 132 million players each month.” Minecraft definitely grew in popularity in a greatly short time! When minecraft first came out in 2009 it hit every gamer that was currently playing first person shooters and it skyrocketed instantly. Minecraft was already in second place as the most popular video game in the world. Making a big impact on the gaming community. 

But who was making this amazing popular video game? The creator of this amazing video game is Notch though his full name is Markus Alexej Persson. He was also the founder of Mojang and had made Minecraft dungeons in 2020. But where is this game available? Most of the downloads are from the US as most people would expect because that’s where the game first originated. Minecraft is available in most big countries that are all from around the world like: USA, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. This game is truly popular from all around the world! And I’m sure 400 million people agree.