Devastating California Oil Spill 2021


Jaslene Massey – October 11th 2021

The California oil spill on October 3rd, 2021 near the coast of Huntington beach is devastating to the wildlife who depend on this area. A predicted 126,000 gallons of oil has breeched an underwater pipe system creating one of the biggest spills in present-day history. “Covering about 13 square miles of the Pacific Ocean since it was first reported on Saturday morning, Kim Carr, the mayor of Huntington Beach, told a news conference.

She called the spill an “environmental catastrophe” and a “potential ecological disaster”. “The beachside city, about 40 miles (65 km) south of Los Angeles, was bearing the brunt of the spill.”  This oil spill left fish lifeless and embedded birds in petroleum. People nearby the spill described a very stong petroleum smell. In conclusion, as Kim Carr said, this oil spill has the potential to get even worse than it is. Possibly causing a very big environmental problem. 


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