How to deal with sadness ;–;


Izzie M.

Depression isn’t a very fun topic, but its real and is affecting many teens through out the world. I struggle with this and thought I should maybe write something to help those who also feel stuck in this, hole (especially sine this whole quarantine happened) So heres some stuff to do when struggling with this, and yes I may be a hypocrite >.<

  • ALWAYS and i mean always talk to someone when you feel down, Its better to let it out then keep it in. When you keep it in it makes it worse, you eventually will break and do something you may regret.
  • Try to find stuff that makes you happy. I know its hard, but this will really help.
  • Don’t push the ones who care away. They care about you, and it hurts them when you push them away. I know its hard, but you need them and they need you.
  • You know that escape route you have? Either a book or a video game, just something you can do that makes you forget the pain? Well try to minimize the use of it, don’t run away from your problems, they won’t leave until you face them head on.
  • Try to go outside. This seems like a small step but it helps. Feeling the wind and the sun on your face can really clear your head.
  • Get rid of the stuff in your life that is toxic. Whatever is making you feel depressed, get rid of it or take a break from it. Like social media or video games, if its a person take a break, kindly say you need to  take a step back. If its someone in your household you can’t really avoid them. The people in your house usually love you, but if its abusive then talk to someone who can help you get out of that situation, you’re stronger if you ask for help then if you don’t.
  • Journal. Write out your thoughts, it helps to sort them out rather then having a scatter brain. I find it when you write it out it helps you find what the problem is, and how you can get help.
  • DO NOT use self harm as an escape route. I know, I know how it helps, by making your pain physical to get your mind off the mental pain, also I find it, physical pain heals when emotional pain doesn’t, thats why we do it, so something can heal. But hurting yourself will not, and I repeat WILL NOT help, talk to someone, write, use a safer escape route, take a walk.. I know how hard it is to not hurt yourself when you feel stuck, stuck in a hole that you feel like you will never get out of, but I promise you will, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope this helps! I know the pain that this can leave on your heart, but it does get better, I haven’t found that happiness yet, but i’m trusting that i will :3 If you never need to talk my email is open! Add me on disc and heres my school email, i’m here to help <3

School Email: [email protected]

Disc: Rav#1791