Top 5 Least Favorite Mario Kart Tracks.

Devon M.

We recently talked about my Top 10 Mario Kart Tracks, so now I’m going to talk about my 5 Least Favorite Tracks. This is just my Opinion, so please respect it. Anyways, let’s get on to the list.

Number 5: N64 Choco Mountain. This Course is just dull. It’s boring, too easy, and there’s nothing in your way except for some falling Boulders. It’s just some shallow turns and boulders with nothing to enjoy.

Choco Mountain: The History of MK64's Most Infamous Track - LOGiCFACE

Number 4: 3ds Kalimari Desert. I enjoy the Original Kalimari Desert as I played it on my computer by using a Rom for Mario Kart 64. In the 3ds version, the train gimmick is reduced as it is much smaller and not synced correctly with the race. Taking out the Train removes the fun part about Kalimari Desert.

3DS - Mario Kart 7 - N64 Kalimari Desert - The Models Resource

Number 3: Ice Ice Outpost. Ice Ice Outpost, it’s strange. The theme and gimmicks are stupid. Other gimmicks are cool such as the Kalimari Desert train. This, it’s just 2 separate paths. I don’t even what it’s supposed to be themed to, Ice I guess?? Anyways, Ice Ice Outpost is a stupid course that should have been replaced with something better.

Ice Ice Outpost - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

Number 2: Mario Circuit 3, SNES. This is a simple track that is challenging, but not fun. Neo Bowser City is challenging, but that’s my favorite Mario Kart Track ever. With Mario Circuit, the turns combined with the bad controls of the Original Mario Kart combines for a not very fun experience. They made it better on the Wii, but I’m talking about the original. The original is very bad.

Super Mario Kart - Mario Circuit 3 Map - SNES Super Nintendo

My Least Favorite Mario Kart Track ever is: Bowser Castle 2, SNES. I hope Nintendo fired who ever came up with this track layout. It has stupid 90 degree turns, unfair Thwomp Placements, and even a DEAD END. This track is made out Fire, Lava and Pure Hatred, and I hope it can be erased out of existence. This track made me feel annoyance, Hatred, and even outright anger. It’s THAT bad.

SNES - Super Mario Kart - Bowser Castle 2 - The Spriters Resource

Well, that was a lot to get out. Anyways, Until Next time, bye!