Lightning Run: A Chance Rides Hyper GT-X at Kentucky Kingdom at Louisville, Kentuky.


Trevor M., Review Guy

Lightning Run is a Steel coaster that was opened on May 24, 2014. It has a very similar track design as the defunct manufacturer, Arrow Dynamics, as well as old Vekoma track, With a big, steel pipe, lowered in the middle, that’s lower than the small pipes, and the connector. Chance Rides has been making small rides for the whole family, and a few of some big hyper coasters. But they wanted to go big this time. (Not actually that big though.) They wanted to built an intense ride that’s full of airtime. So they constructed the prototype of the new model, the Hyper GT-X. Kentucky Kingdom wanted to order one for the 2014 Season. So, chance got to work at Kentucky Kingdom. Once they finished, they unveiled Kentucky Kingdoms new, shiny toy for the opening of the 2014 season.

Lightning Run has no inversions, an 80 degree drop, a height of 100 feet, along with a drop of 100 feet, a 2:00 ride time, a top speed of 55 mph, and 9 awesome airtime moments. The layout starts with the lift hill right out of the station, into the 80 degree drop. Right after that it turns into a great pop of ejector airtime, into an over banked turn, and then it goes in the opposite direction by doing a quick S-curve, into another good pop of airtime. After that, it goes into a small wave turn, and into another airtime moment. Now, it goes into a 90 degree upward turn, into a small airtime hill, then it goes into another one, but the airtime hill is outer banked instead of no banking at all. Now, it goes into a section of S-curves, into the finale of the ride, four great pops of ejector airtime, into the brake run.

This is one of my bucket list coasters, and I can’t wait to go on it, if I can. But my overall rating will be a 9.5 out of 10, just because it’s a little shorter of a ride than other coasters, but I love the layout, so what can I say? Well that’ll be all for this review. Seeya!