Local Beaches And Parks Barren Due To Coronavirus


Nicholas R., Writer/ Photographer

As many locals have noticed, beaches and parks in the Southern California area have been barren due to officials taking precautions, which is an odd sight in Orange County. Beachgoers have been fully limited to beach activities which makes parking lots and surf spots unrecognizable during the springtime which would normally cause hectic outings during this time. In the prior weeks, Southern California state parks and beaches have been closed due to the global pandemic, Coronavirus. Cities and counties have been taking extra precautions in keeping the community safe by placing barricades and signage to warn the public. In doing so, everybody must remain inside and away from public places such as beaches and parks. Furthermore, the consequences of visiting restricted beaches, parks, etc. consist of up to a $1,000 fine or at most, 6 months in jail. However, the majority of tickets are low priced fines or warnings. Nonetheless, everybody must take precautions in visiting areas that may be restricted or fenced off. In addition, one surfer was issued a ticket for not adhering to beach closures in LA County, however, everyone else has been very cooperative. According to the OC Register, “Everyone has been very cooperative, it was just that one guy,” said Manhattan Beach police Sgt. Mike Sistoni, who said lifeguards contacted police to issue the surfer a citation when the guy refused to leave the beach. “Everyone else has been pretty cool… I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what.” In conclusion, citizens must stay aware of closures and citings in the nearby beaches and parks, however, can look forward to post-Coronavirus, to take advantage of nearby beaches and watersports.