Favorite Mario Kart Tracks! Part 1.


Devon M.

Mario Kart is a series I have been playing ever since I got my hands on my First Wii Remote. Today I’m going to count down my 10 Favorite Tracks from Mario Kart History! I will be listing tracks from Mario Kart Wii to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. So, without further ado, Let’s get right into the list.

Number 10: 3DS Music Park. (Mario Kart 8.)

Music Park is what you’d get if you took the Orchestra Class and made it into a Mario Kart Track. Originating on the 3DS, You ride on Piano Keys, bounce off of Tamborines, and Avoid Giant Music Notes. The turns with the Piano Notes on them provide drifting Opportunities, which can speed you up. Visuals 8/10, Gameplay 8/10

Number 9: N64 Yoshi Valley. (Mario Kart 8.)

The Main Gimmick on this track is that there’s Multiple Paths to take, and I love my gimmicks. You can Blast off In a Cannon, Head through a Cave, and it requires Fast-Action decision Making. If you pick the right path, you might fly past the competition. Visuals 8/10, Gameplay 9/10.

Number 8: Wii Bowser’s Castle.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Stage Creation Contest (Complete ...

What stage has a Giant Mechanical Bowser shooting fireballs at you? In my opinion the confrontation with Bowser, is the best part of the level. You Need Strategy to figure out where the Fireballs are going to Land. There’s also a Twisting Hallway at the beginning, and Thwomps that try to crush you. At the End, you can trick off of Lava Geysers, which also require strategy. Visuals, 9/10, Gameplay 9/10.

Number 7: GBA Ribbon Road. (Mario Kart 8.)

Ribbon Road in Mario Kart 8 (Japanese Track Trailer) - YouTube

Ribbon Road takes place in a Child’s bedroom, and there is a lot to look at. This track can make you feel like a kid again. The atmosphere is very colorful, and the ending is my favorite part. The Blue Ribbon bounces up and down, and you can trick off of it. There’s also 3 hidden Shortcuts. Try to find them! Visuals, 10/10, Gameplay 8/10.

Number 6: Wario Shipyard. (3DS.)

How has this track been put into another Mario Kart Game?! This spooky track takes place in a Shipyard My favorite part is when you go up the Ship and through the Cannon, and the Gliding section before the Finish line. Visuals 10/10, Gameplay 9/10.

Number 5: Wii Wario’s Gold Mine. (Mario Kart 8)

Wario’s Gold Mine is a unique track with it’s layout. Instead of opting for small dips and wide turns, Wario’s Gold Mine has steep, large drops and sharp turns. Most Notably at the beginning of the course. Inside the mine is fun too, as the banked turns in anti-gravity mode are fun. There’s also a shortcut I like to use at the end. To the left, the Mine-carts go through a small hole on the left. This is a good shortcut. Visuals 9/10. Gameplay 10/10.

Number 4:Wii Grumble Volcano. (Mario Kart 8)

Grumble Volcano is well, A volcano. The track starts by driving into a volcano, and heading out into the Smoldering, Crumbling Outside. Fireballs rain from the sky, and the course gets more narrow with each lap, as the volcano is falling apart. Visuals 10/10, Gameplay 9/10.

Number 3: DS Waluigi Pinball. (Mario Kart 7.)

Waluigi Pinball is a track you launch up to the top, and it’s a downhill track from there. There’s Bumpers, Flippers, Pinballs, and Boost Pads. The Aesthetic is great with lots of Pinball Noises and a cool background. Visuals 10/10, Gameplay 10/10.

Number 2: GBA Cheese Land.

Cheese Land. Land of The Cheese. The track is very terrain based, with lots of slopes, shortcuts, ramps and dips. There’s also 2 Chain Chomps that try to get in your way. The end is the best part with multiple difficult slopes at weird angles in Anti-Gravity. Visuals 10/10, Gameplay 10/10.


Number 1: 3DS Neo Bowser City. (Mario Kart 8)

Neo Bowser City is the perfect track in my opinion. The Setting is insane, a stormy night in a futuristic city. The Turns are challenging, the ground is slippery, so you need skill to get through this one. The dips are perfectly placed, there’s a glider section and the turns are non-stop. A Flawless run on high difficulty is so satisfying. Also, the music is Great. Visuals 10/10, Gameplay 10/10.

Well, that was my list. Feel Free to get angry about my opinion. Anyways, Bye!