Fun Things to do During Quarantine

Fun Things to do During Quarantine

Kennedy M., Writer

When we first heard about quarantine we thought it was the best to be out of school. But on further notice, I discovered that when we are always in our houses with nothing to do it can get quite boring. When I get bored I decide to do some crafts or make things in my free time. Here are some fun things to do in your free time during this quarantine.


1) DIY Bracelets – There are many DIY bracelets to make that are fun. You can always try to teach yourself how to braid bracelets that are supposed to be fun and trendy! There are also beaded bracelets that can say whatever you want with whatever colors you want. It sounds like fun free-time to me!

2) Painting – Painting anything is always fun in my opinion! You can paint many things like birdhouses, canvas’, regular paper, cardboard, really anything that your parents allow. I love painting also because it gives you the freedom to paint anything and what you are feeling can be expressed. I think it is also very soothing and calming, and you can be like bob ross and follow his painting tutorials!

3) Puzzles – Puzzles are so fun and time-consuming! This is so much fun when you finish them because they look so complete. There are even spherical puzzles that are a challenge!! You can get really easy ones like 100-200 or you can get challenging ones like 1000! We love challenges!

4) Macrame – Macrame is so much fun! When you take time to do it and do it well it will come out super pretty and you can even hang on a wall. I think macrame can be hard if you do not try, but if you always put your best foot forward then you can get it done! You can also tye-dye it with cool colors, and add beads to make it look cooler. It takes a while and probably can be your project for the rest of the quarantine!

5) Make Stickers – You can DIY your own stickers, doesn’t that sound fun?! All you have to do is follow a couple of simple steps and you can make your own personalized sticker! First, you cut a piece of parchment paper and lay some packing tape(sticky side down) on top of that. Then you put your picture on top of the tape so it’s just sitting on top of it. Then finally you put another layer of tape onto the picture to secure the picture to the other two layers. Finally, you bubble cut around the picture so you have extra tape around it. Once you’re finished you take the parchment paper off the back and stick it where ever you want!!