Keeping Busy During The Break


Drew P.

The break took us all by surprise. No one saw it coming. Even more so, when we did first find out about it, it sounded temporary, now it may be longer. We are also learning that we can’t go out as often and need to stay away from places with big groups. This restricts many of us to our home. With less and less to do, keeping busy and distracted is difficult. My best advice is to take advantage of the work you already have. It makes you enjoy the time you have more if you know that that time is limited because of school work. With the time you have to lift, pick up a big project. Art, physical exercise, music, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s gonna take more than one day to do. If that doesn’t sound appealing, teach yourself something new, guitar, whittling, model building, skateboarding, and or drawing.