Emperor: A B&M Dive Coaster at Sea World San Diego in San Diego, California


Trevor M.

Emperor is a steel floorless dive coaster made by Swiss manufacturer Bolliger and Mabillard, that was constructed in 2019 and is currently testing. This dive coaster is quite different from other dive coasters. It consists of 3 rows with 6 people per row, and it doesn’t have a holding brake. It only has a slow brake that releases later. It has a height of 153 feet, a track length of just over 2,400 feet, a top speed of 60 mph, it has 3 inversions, and a full duration of 2 minutes sharp. The inversions consist of an Immelmann loop, an upwards barrel roll, and a corkscrew.

The layout of the ride starts with a 180 degree turn out of the station, into the lift hill. when you finish going up the hill, you turn around and dive down 150 feet. You go into the immelmann, then it goes into the overbank, and then the upwards barrel roll. This leads into the corkscrew, that goes into a high speed turnaround, int the brake run.

In my opinion, its kinda short, but it packs a punch with its intense layout. Although there aren’t any very good airtime moments except for the drop, this ride is mainly focused on positive G forces, I still can’t wait to get on this. I rate this a 7.75/10. If it was longer, it would probably be a 9. Well, that’s all for my Emperor review. See ya!