Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters: The Review, and Tips.


Devon M.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is a shooting interactive dark ride at Disneyland, in Anaheim California. Today I will review this ride (that’s a year older than me.) and it’s pros and cons, along with a final score at the end. The experience starts with riders entering the queue line. Once you get inside the building, you enter the line where you see a Buzz Lightyear doing a Pre-Show. After Making it in to the station, the ride is constantly moving. Once entering your ride vehicle, the guns lower down. Here’s tips Number 1 and 2. Sit on the left side, (closer to the wall away from boarding.) and sit by yourself. Once the guns lower, you take off! At a Slow Speed. As you enter the first room, there are 4 Robots attacking the ships, and you must hit the middle of the targets on them. Tip 3, Aim for Moving, Far Away or lit up targets. I recommend shooting the Triangle Target on the Orange Robot, each shot gets you 10,000 Points. The next room you see Zurg, and this part, aim for the target on his chest. This gets 50,000 points every time shot, but good luck. This applies to the scenes where you can see the target. The Next Room includes to Robots being electrocuted. Shoot the Triangle Target on them, to get 500 points each. In the Alien Planet scene, aim for the Plant alien, where on one of the sides, he has a Triangle for an eye. Then, focus on the Alien-In A Box which unleashes a Diamond Triangle on the Inside. Also, If you look up, you can see a Pterodactyl that was in the first Toy Story Movie. Then before the dark tunnel, hit the triangle target that is briefly covered by Zurg, however this target is quite far away. Then, shoot all the targets in the tunnel before the Final Scene. Then in the final scene, attack Zurg’s Machine, and right before you leave the scene, there is an Orange Robot that has a circle target that unleashes a Triangle Target, hit that too. Right before you get off, go hit the circle target to get a few easy points. Overall, I think this is a great ride and I make sure to always ride it at Disneyland, for a Final Score of 9/10. Until Next Time, Bye!