Untamed: An RMC Hybrid conversion of Robin Hood at Walibi Holland at Biddinghuizen, Flevoland, Netherlands.


Trevor M.

Untamed is a hybrid sit down coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction. It holds the record for the most inversions on a hybrid coaster, with 5, and the previous being only 4. I was opened to the public on the first day of June of 2019. The track length is 3,559 feet, it is 119 feet up, it goes 57 ½ mph, it has 5 inversions, an 80 degree drop, and 14 airtime moments, and 19 ½ seconds of total airtime. The inversions are a 270 degree double inverting stall, a step-up under flip, an over-banked inversion and a satisfying heart-line roll, i’m talking super satisfying.

The layout is a 180 degree outer bank, the 80 degree 116 foot drop, a speed hill, into a 270 degree double inverting stall, an airtime hill, a 90 degree downward turn, into another airtime hill, then a sideways airtime hill, into the third inversion, a step up under flip. That goes into a twist ‘N’ shout. Next, it goes into a double camel-back, which goes into the inverted over-bank. Next, it goes into another over-bank, into a few airtime hills, then the heart-line roll, into another small bunny hop into the brake run.

Overall, it’s a great and original roller coaster. I’d rate this a a solid 9/10. If you head to The Netherlands, I suggest to go on this. Well that’s all for my Untamed review. See ya!