Top 5 reasons to watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.


Devon M.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a Action series with Fights, Comedy, Tragedy, and lots of Characters. I’m sure one of you have heard me say “Watch JoJo” at Some point. The whole story revolves around the Joestar Family and the battle against villains. It is a great series, and I recommend watching it. So far, there have been 5 parts animated, and there are 8 parts in the manga. Do NOT skip any parts. Watch every episode in one part, before moving to the next. Don’t skip to Stardust Crusaders (Part 3) just because you think it’s “The Best.” Basically, If you can count to 5, you know which order to watch the JoJo parts in. Now, onto the top 5.



5. The Comedy (and lots of Music References).

Amidst the fighting and epic music to go with it, JoJo doesn’t mind cracking a joke every so often. In fact, Part 2, starring Joseph Joestar frequently makes Jokes throughout Part 2. He acts just like the class clown would, which makes Joseph a great character. He isn’t all serious like other Characters, which makes him one of my favorite characters In the series.

Please Enjoy this complimentary image of Joseph.

4. The Soundtrack.

The soundtrack is incredible. There’s no other way to put it. The songs are great, catchy and just fun to listen to. This also goes for the openings. Openings 1-2 are some of the best Openings I have heard in any Anime. Most of the soundtrack is available on YouTube, and are absolutely great. I was unable to find an Image for this section, my apologies.


3. The Plot.


JoJo’s whole plot constantly changes from part to part. For Example, Part 1 takes place in 19th century England in 1880, but it skips to 1887 where the rest of the series happens. At first it’s for Jonathan (Part 1) to defeat Dio, as he made Jonathan’s Dad hate Jonathan, stuck his finger in Jonathan’s eye during a boxing match, made him an outcast, kissed JoJo’s girlfriend, and through his dog in an Incinerator. And That’s Episode 1. This ignited the Joestar Lineage’s fight against the forces of evil. Also, Please enjoy this picture of Danny. I’m still sad…


2. The Memes.


This is what JoJo is most known for and when you see it in the anime, It’s Great. There is at least one Great one for every Part in the series. I mean, I’m sure at least one of you has seen the “It Was me, Dio!”meme before right? Anyways, moving on.


1. The Characters and Fights.


Like I said in the Introduction, JoJo is all about the fights. The fights are intense, and leave you on the edge of your seat until the end. Combine this with music and you have some great fight scenes on your hands. These fights are helped by the great characters in the series. I already talked about Jonathan, Joseph and Dio, so I’ll highlight some others. Caesar Zeppeli from Part 2 is a great character as he and Joseph have a rocky relationship at first, but get along better later on. But Amidst all these characters, one truly stands out from the rest. His name is Robert EO Speedwagon. (I get what you did there.) Speedwagon is the companion of Jonathan in part 1. Speedwagon owns the Speedwagon Foundation, which helps the JoJo’s in Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Speedwagon however, is still the BEST JoJo character in Part 1.

Well, that’s it for this time. So, Until Next Week, Bye!