The Black Death

Callie R.

Today I will be talking about the black death or more commonly known as the Plague. But what I think most people don’t know about is that there were actually three types of this deadly disease. Just so everyone knows we learn about this in seventh grade so if you want to wait till then, then don’t keep reading. But anyways back onto what I was saying, yes there are three different types of the plague, there is the bubonic plague (the most conman one), the septicemic plague, and the pneumonic plague. You are also probably thinking that if you got this disease then you would die but if you got the bubonic plague you had a 30% chance of surviving. But If you got the pneumonic plague then you had a 100% chance of dying. Let me tell you why and what are the symptoms of all the three plagues. For the bubonic plague, you usually got a cold and you would become extremely tired and you would sweat a lot. After this, you get these really big bumps on your body (almost like pimples but bigger) and they would eventually pop. As you probably guessed, back then in Europe, they did not have the best living conditions, so often times when the bumps popped they would then get infected and that infection is what led you to die from the bubonic plague. Now for the pneumonic plague, what would happen is first you would become really tired and get really hot, but why you would die was because this type of plague affected your lungs. You would probably die within two weeks of getting this type of plague, but what is really scary about it is that you could be perfectly fine and then all of a sudden you get this plague and you die within 2 hours, almost like it happened all at once. So now let’s talk about how you get the plague. They got it from rats. But not the rats itself, the fleas that like to live on the rats are what caused this deadly virus. But I could go on and on about the plague because there is so much to it but I have to stop now. I hoped you guys have enjoyed learning about the plague, bye!