Sol Spin: The Review.


Devon M.

Sol Spin is a flat ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, which spins you on two axes, (axis, but plural.) so you flip 6 stories in the Air. It also exerts 4 positive G-Force, and Negative 3 G-Force. I went on it for the first time in my most recent trip to Knott’s, and went on it twice. Once you go make it to the front, you step onto the ride platform and choose which place you want to sit. Now, your probably thinking, if I go on this, where should I sit? Previously, I stated that I went on this ride 2 times. I first rode on the inside seat, closest to the center arm. The second ride, I went on the outside seat. And Man, that outside seat ride was INSANE. When you were going up, it was like someone tossed you up into the air and you flip. I highly recommend an Outside seat, if you don’t mind a small amount of roughness. The riders strap into with large, tight shoulder restraints, which hurts your thighs. That’s my only complaint. When you strap in, the ride slowly starts up. You rise up and start spinning counter clockwise. One arm spins you clockwise, while the other arm makes the vehicles flip. One motion I got on my Outside seat ride is when I was going up, I did a back-flip. I also land on the right side of the shoulder restraint, and fly upwards. The ride is extremely chaotic. For its final score, I give it a 8.5/10. Until Next Time, Bye!