Global Warming: Australia Fires

Global Warming: Australia Fires

Bridget B., editor

Global warming is a problem faced all around the world, although it may not seem like it. A major extreme event caused by global warming happening now is a large number of fires throughout Australia and other parts of the world. Drastic changes are being made for the worst and need to be changed for the sake of the world and those who live in it. 


Fire outbreaks occur all around the world but recently are so extreme because of the weather and climate being experienced. Due to Australia’s prolonged drought, the extent of strong winds fires is expected while battling the skyrocketing heat of global warming. These dry and windy conditions trigger such enormous fires commonly faced in the area. Other places of hot and dry climate are also prone to catch fire and have, areas such as places in California like Los Angeles. These fires occur for similar if not the same reasons in LA as they do in Australia. Global warming is causing vast changes that make the hot areas hotter, the dry drier, and windy windier. The changes create extremes in the climate that end up hurting the environment, people, and animals. 


The extent of these fires causes a mass amount of money to recover the millions of acres of land lost. Billions of dollars would be needed to fix the damage caused by these events. A large effect is also being taken on by Australian citizens who must readjust to their daily lives. The New York Times interviewed those who experienced the Australian fires first hand. Jenny Dayment was one of those interviewed. “‘Maybe we’ll get some normalcy back in our day-to-day routines,’ she said. ‘But people are going to be wary for a very long time. I don’t think we can ever be the same.”‘ These fires are greatly affecting the people in their day to day lives as well as the long term changes in the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. An estimate of one billion animals were killed and these numbers still slightly increasing as the fires start trickling out. There are many ways to donate to Australia at this time of need through many organizations. Here are just some for those who want to donate, each addressing different issues within the range of problems:


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