Passion Project

Canyon G., Writer

The Passion Project is a mandatory project that the eighth graders spend the whole year working on. The final product will include a essay, 7 journals, research from an interview, 12 service hours, and an internship that took place in the school. During this project, students will focus on one topic that they have a burning passion for. Then, students will research this topic and write their ideas/notes in a journal which is prompted about once every month. Secondly, students will receive an internship that they will attend for one semester. The hours that they spend on the internship will contribute to the twelve hours of service they need to complete. To get the rest of the service hours, students will contribute outside of school to something that has to do with their topic. After the students have finished their service, they will interview a mentor or a citizen that relates to their specific topic. Finally, students will gather all of their research and inlet and turn it into a 5 page essay. Then, the students will present their project to the community. Some of the topics students are focusing on are taking care of the homeless, helping other in need, recycling water bottles and other things into every day items, and beach clean ups. Students will choose to work in groups of two or complete the project individually. The passion project is a large part of the 8th grade curriculum and essential for completing the 8th grade.