The CoronaVirus: Should we worry about it?


Devon M.

Many have been worrying about the CoronaVirus, or “COVID-19.” But should we really worry about it? CoronaVirus symptoms include: Coughing, High Temperature (Maybe Fever.), and shortness of breath. But, these symptoms are similar to the Common Cold and Flu. So, if you’ve had contact with someone who has the CoronaVirus, bad news. Only 88 people have been diagnosed the CoronaVirus in the United States, and only 2 people have died, with 9 recoveries. So far, we shouldn’t worry. However, make sure to stay away from those who are infected. And if the Virus goes Airborne, buy some face-masks from a place like CVS. If you can do these, you should be able to not get the CoronaVirus. If you can stay healthy until the cure is done, you should be fine. Or, if gets bad, just move to Greenland. Anyways, Until Next Time, Bye.