The Sims: An Explanation and History

Callie R.

The Sims is open to all ages and genders, although it is rated teen. First let’s go through what the Sims is. The Sims is a virtual game where you can create your own sim/person and play as them deciding their life. There are currently 4 games in the Sims franchise, The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4.  You can get the base game and play with that, but there are different expansion packs and stuff packs you can buy. The first Sims game was created in 2000 by Will Wright. Why I feel that this game is loved by so many people is because there are endless possibilities in the game. You can build whatever you want, you can make your sim do whatever you want them to do, and you can decide their fate! But, over time, doing the same thing over and over and over again gets a bit boring so the players of The Sims created mods for the Sims and CC(CC stands for custom content). You can create families or just play as one sim and see what they do with their life. Sometimes, if you don’t tell your sims or sim what to do, they will decide to do something on their own. You can choose to turn that off if you don’t like it. You might also be asking,”What is the difference between all the Sims games?” Well, I will tell you. There are a bunch of little things in each Sims game that they might or might not have. But one thing that is most noticeably different in all the Sims games is that the graphics change a lot whether you like them or not. But that is all I am going to be talking about for The Sims. I think that you guys should try playing it, although just to tell you, it is not free to play.  It might be fun to play for you guys, but there is a lot more to The Sims games if you want to try the game out. Bye!