AJ D., Write/Editor

Automobiles do more harm than good.  From the moment it was created, the automobile was easily one of the most dangerous things created with a harmless intention.  


Reasoning- Allow me to explain, even from the first automobile, they had more than the potential to kill, as I am certain many are aware, all forms of automobile tend to weigh a lot, on average, a few thousand pounds. And I am also certain that many are aware that most forms of automobile have the potential to reach quite impressive top speeds. On average 100 mph So if something that heavy were to hit possibly multiple people at that speed, then major injuries would be the best case scenario, not to mention the driver of the automobiles injuries and the guarantee of people hitting each other during the impact. This almost guarantees that whether or not they meant to, that drivers going to jail


Evidence- Allow for some evidence to back all these claims up. According to Google the top speed of the model-t is 45 miles per hour, and the average weight of a model-t is over 1,500 pounds, you do the math. According to over the last few years around 1.25 million people die each year on average, that means around 3,287 deaths per day. And for those unlucky enough to survive, are heavily injured or permanently disabled. Also according to Road crashes cost USD $518 billion overall globally when you consider suing and pressing charges, costing individual countries from 1-2% of their annual GDP.  Also according to google, nearly every 16 minutes a car crash resulting in death occurs.


Impact- Now, 2% at most may not seem like all that much at first, however seeing as how a crash occurs every 16 MINUTES, I can assure you the only reason most countries aren’t flat broke by now is simply because the only people that can press charges are dead. In conclusion, not only is the automobile a dangerous creation that overall just should’ve been left behind due to the deaths alone, but each car crash costs a lot of money too.