Should Public College be Free

Should Public College be Free

Drew P.

Although enforcing the law that public colleges should be free will have many different repercussions, there is one considerably large one that we must acknowledge. 

The problem in question will most definitely affect you in a very big way. This being the fact that it will raise county-wide taxes. Something that is already a big problem in many households could (and will if we continue in this direction) get bigger. Public colleges do already receive an annual sum of money from the government, but however, this is not enough. The money that students pay in admission makes the difference. Now, without that, the difference will have to come from somewhere else your tax dollars. On top of the taxes that pay for the construction of public projects, and government organizations, we will now have to pay for other colleges. According to Fox News, it cost 9,650 dollars to put your child through state public college. The average American taxpayer spends 10,489 dollars a year on their taxes. Assuming 10,000 students are to enroll in public college this year, that’s 96,500,000 dollars that colleges need to make up the difference in tax dollars. If there are 50,000 taxpayers in America, that would leave each taxpayer spending an extra 1,930 dollars a year. This affects all American citizens whether they go to college or not. Taxes are already a massive problem for many hard-working families and this will only make their lives harder. We can not justify putting hard-working American families down the drain so that a few more people can go to college. Making public college free will only make liveing more expensive.


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