5th-Graders Thoughts On Entering Middle School

Interviewed By 8th-Grade Students Written by Nicholas R. with the help of Jacob R, Drew P, Chasen C, AJ D, and Maddox A

Nicholas R., Writer/ Editor

Recently we eighth-graders have interviewed 5th graders, asking for their thoughts on middle school. The first student we asked was Gabriel L., and he told us that he is looking forward to the freedom middle schoolers have as a comparison to 5th grade. Additionally, he let us know that he is excited about switching classes and getting to experience different teachers throughout the day. The next student we asked was Cruz P., who responded that he is excited for the different variety of field trips such as visiting Lake Arrowhead. Additionally, for the different clubs and electives that are offered in middle school, he is ecstatic about it. This year, the 5th-grade students are thrilled about starting 6th grade in the 2020-2021 year.