Wildfire: An RMC Wooden Coaster at Kolmården Zoo in Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden.


Trevor M.

Wildfire is a wooden coaster in Sweden. It is one of the tallest full wooden coasters in the world, standing at a staggering 183 feet. The drop is about 160 feet, it has a track length of about 4,150 feet, a G-force of 4.0, and a top speed of 71 mph. It has 3 inversions, which are a zero-G stall, and 2 different zero-G rolls.

The layout consists of a 83 degree drop, the zero-G stall, into a twist-N-shout. Next, it goes into an s-curve, into an airtime hill, then a mini wave turn, into a zero-G roll. Then it goes into two airtime hills, into a 180 degree helix, into another zero-G roll. Then a small twister section, to the brake run.

Fun fact, it almost got torn down due to the name being “harming to the environment”. Bad way to end of a good review huh, well anyways, see ya’ again next time!