Kindergarten Performance

Ava S., Ella S., Kate I., Kennedy M., Gavin G., and Connor T.

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Beckett- “I’m excited for the performance because lots of people will be watching and I’m excited for my parents to see me.”

Landon- “I am excited about the performance because lots of people will see me. I’m also really happy.”

Penny- “I am  excited for the performance because my dad is coming this makes me happy.”

Emily – “I am excited for my performance because I get to sing. Singing is amazing.”

Presley- I am exited because I like to sing with my friends.”

Wyatt- “I’m excited for the performance because  it will be fun.”

The performance was very adorable and all the kids looked like they were having lots of fun. All the kids had amazing voices and everyone clapped and cheered after they sang. We loved there dance moves and they all seemed to be enjoying it. It was great because the kids could be silly and still look

and sound great.