Soul Eater: The Official Review. (No Spoilers)

February 10, 2020

Rated TV-14 for Violence, Blood, Alcohol, Drugs, Profanity, and some Sexual Content. (Disclaimer: I will not be talking about any of these, except for Violence. However, the violence will be brief.)


In a world where those who have sinned become demons and those who want to stop these demons go to Nevada. For some reason. This simple idea spawned the second best anime of 2008-2009.   And I say second best because Full-Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Okay, enough with this. Soul Eater is an Anime about the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy.) a School run by the Grim Reaper, where people have the uncanny ability to turn into weapons of assorted varieties. It follows the fight between the School and Demons known as Kishin (Kee-Shin) that feast upon Human souls. (Trust me, It’s not as graphic as your thinking.) The entire city appropriately named Death City has a Halloween Vibe to it and I love it.

Death City From afar. At the Top is the DWMA.

The Plot:

Witches are trying to summon the Kishin in the heart of Death city. These Witches are stopped by Weapons (People who can transform into weapons.) as well as Meisters, who wield these weapons. By collecting 99 Souls of Kishins, and a Soul Of a Witch, the weapon is able to transform into a Death Scythe, a.k.a An Elite Warrior against the Kishin. Think of it like a Jounin from Naruto. These people are considered incredibly powerful, and highly respected. I give the plot a 8.8/10.

The Characters:

The characters are exquisite, there’s no other way to say it. The series follows the adventures of Soul, Maka, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death The Kid, and the Thompson Sisters: Liz and Patty. Each character has their own character traits, and they all stand out in their own ways. The characters are strong with this one. I give this category a 9.6/10.

(Left To Right, Top to Bottom) Tsubaki, Liz, Death The Kid, Black Star, Maka, Soul, and Patty are in the cover art. And that cat? Irrelevant.

The Animation:

Soul Eater is animated by Bones, and let me just say out of all the anime I’ve seen, this was one of my favorite animation styles. The animation is spot on, the transitions between animation styles are smooth and not forced, making the pacing liquid smooth during the animation transitions, and the ways the characters are animated are just, yes. Just…Yes. I’m giving animation a 10/10.

The Fights:

Ah yes, the fight scenes. The main course of Soul Eater. The fight scenes are beautifully animated, and epic. The fight scenes are insane being possibly some of the best parts of the series. The fights are fun, and leave you on the edge of your seat. The fight scenes get a 8.9/10.

So, at the end I tally the scores of Plot, Characters, Animation, Fights, and also (my personal) enjoyment of the series, baked it in an Oven and cooked it for 45 minutes for a final score of and come up with a score of the entire series for an 8.9/10. Watch this series, you won’t regret it. Also, the opening is the best I’ve ever seen.

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