Afterburn: A B&M Invert at Carowinds, at both N. Carolina and South Carolina


Trevor M.

Afterburn is a thrill ride at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina and South Carolina. It’s actually one of the only amusement parks on the border of the states. Afterburn is a steel inverted coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard. It was opened in March of 1999. It is only 113 ft tall, with a top speed of 62 mph. It has a track length of 2,956 feet. The ride consists of 6 inversions with a whopping g-force of 4.8 g-force. The inversions consists of a vertical loop, an immelmann loop, a zero-g roll, a batwing, and a corkscrew. It has a super cool color scheme of full white track, and blue supports. Afterburn is at the South Carolina side of the park, along with Intimidator, and Woodstock express.

The layout is the drop, which is a 60 degree turn around, into the vertical loop. Then it goes into the immelmann, which speeds into the zero-g roll. Then, from my opinion the most forceful element, the batwing. This thing tries to rip your legs of with g-force. now it’s going into the corkscrew, into a 270 degree helix, into the brake run. This ride seems short, but don’t be fooled by it’s 2 min. 30 sec. ride.

From my prespective, i’d rate this ride a solid 8.5/10. It cracks my expectations, and i love the forces of it. So anyways, stay tuned for my reviews!